Kitchen Benchtop Materials Guide - Porcelain & Marble

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  When renovating your kitchen, an important question which needs to be addressed is: Which material should be used for kitchen benchtops?   There are a few important factors like cost of installation, durability, cost of maintenance, and so forth, which are required to be considered while making this decision. Here, we shall be discussing two of the most popular materials for benchtops:   Porcelain and Marble.   Porcelain Benchtops     Porcelain is a widely used and ...

The Various Advantages And Disadvantages of Timber Benchtops

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Out of the many choices of materials available for use as a kitchen benchtop, timber has always commanded a certain preference among homeowners. Aesthetically also timber has always stood out due to its natural look and its impossible-to-replicate variety of texture and colors. But is timber a sensible choice as a kitchen benchtop material or are there other better options for you out there? Let’s find out.   Advantages of Timber benchtops   Timber allows an impossible number of ...

Essential Tips That Will Simplify Kitchen Design For You

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A well-designed kitchen not only makes cooking a joy but can also elevate the look of the interiors of a house. Kitchen design can be tricky considering the humongous number of choices available from the shape of the kitchen to placement, lighting choices, styling, kitchen benchtop materials, etc. But if done with proper planning and consideration, it won't be too hard to get the design of your kitchen just right. Whether you are bored with your current kitchen design and want to remodel or ...