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Kitchen Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Gone are those days when the kitchen was a place used merely for washing utensils and cooking food. It has now become an important part, in fact, a focal point of the house. It has become a family space where everyone gathers before starting the day’s work and also ends up after finishing the day's work.

A new year brings about new trends and designs. Everyone is looking for something fresh. So now is the right time to think about kitchen renovation and remodeling.


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Here are a few kitchen designs to watch out for in the year 2018.


Technology in Kitchen


It is popularly known as the smart kitchens. Not just the advanced gadgets and appliances, but every aspect of this particular area is becoming modernized. From refrigerator to faucets to lighting, not a single item is left out.


Color Schemes


Right from using bold and bright colors to using pastels, which are subtle yet very pretty, to warm and neutrals like gold, you can experiment to your heart’s content when it comes to painting your kitchen space. No more standard white kitchens in 2018.


Open Shelves with More Storage


Say goodbye to the minimalistic kitchen. Now it is all about being able to display all your favorite crockery in the open. It is time to bring out all those amazing pieces your grandmother and mother you with! Show them off proudly.


You can induce a sense of your own personality by placing plants and recipe books along with all other utensils. Of course, you need to have the conventional hidden storage space to keep your old items (which you cannot just get rid of).


Handles & Knobs instead of Handleless


Handleless cabinets and doors might have been popular in 2017. But 2018 brings back the handles and knobs with it! Bright copper, royal rose gold, or simply the classic gold can be seen everywhere now. Oversized knobs in bright colors are also well liked. Even appliances and faucets are being matched with these things.


Concealed Lighting


A good lighting is always important when you think about kitchen renovations. A good and concealed lighting is gaining popularity rapidly these days. They illuminate your entire kitchen area and give a rich outlook. Disguised LEDs under the plasterboard and worktops are a few favored ideas.


Flooring Materials


Stained materials, especially the stained hardwood in the kitchen is gaining popularity these days. Engineering wood, ceramic and porcelain tiles will also be seen in 2018.


Trough Sinks


The trough sinks are now being used for other purposes too. For example, for chilling things like champagne and oysters, growing various herbs which are used for cooking and so on. This is increasingly becoming a favorite this year!


Islands & Benchtops


Thin profile stone benchtops are trending in 2018. Especially, Quartz is the most popular material this year with different colors and textures including the matte and polished finishing. Being heat resistant, non-porous, high resistance to abrasion, acids and oils, staining, and scratches, makes it a favorite.


As far as the layout is concerned, the U-shaped and L-shaped are in trend this year. Integrated gas hobs and other appliances are well liked by the people.


Now that you are aware of what is trending in 2018, take out your writing pad and begin your kitchen renovation plans with the amazing kitchen designs and ideas for the year.


For more information on benchtop and island installation for the kitchen renovation in Melbourne, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can get an online estimate easily or contact us at 03 9794 6811. We will be happy to guide you!

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